The ex-students of Anières: What has become of them?

Click [CC] in the bottom right hand corner of the video for subtitles in Hebrew.

This video brings us up to date with several graduates of Anières I, to describe their years of study and the career paths they have taken. They have not forgotten their beautiful years spent at Anières, where thanks to ORT, they could study in the idyllic setting provided by the Institute. The majority of these graduates have had brilliant careers as engineers, teachers, writers, lecturers, industry leaders, company founders and directors. Many also joined the ORT network as teachers and directors of ORT schools around the world. Their testimonies highlight ORT's universal values for the future graduates of Anières II.

Film made June 2013 by Jacques Levy (Former Anières I Student)  
Thanks to the support of ORT Switzerland and ORT France