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Anières Elite Academy is a new and exciting science and technology scholarship program, for international and Israeli students, created by World ORT. The students will study science and technology in high school and continue to the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology for a university degree in engineering.  (Subject to meeting the prerequisite of the Technion)

World ORT was established in 1880, and is the world’s largest Jewish education and vocational training non-governmental organization with activities in more than 60 countries. One of World ORT’s key goals is: To advance science and technology education to foster economic self-sufficiency in today’s fast paced and technologically dynamic world.

This scholarship program is inspired by the once renowned ORT Central Institute in Anières, Switzerland (near Geneva). The ORT Central Institute operated from 1947-1997 and its graduates went on to achieve great success as teachers, professors, engineers, scientists, mathematicians, entrepreneurs and leaders of industry world-wide. 

Many teens are afraid to have grand dreams, academic or otherwise, because they are hampered by the burdensome demands of their day-to-day living. This program aims to see today’s teens become tomorrow’s proud success story.

This program addresses the need for a long-term approach required in order to help teenagers achieve an advanced academic degree and ultimately economic independence.

About World ORT

World ORT - the largest international Jewish educational organization. Created in Russia in 1880 as the "Society for the dissemination of handicraft and agricultural work among the Jews," World ORT is working today in 60 countries, helping young people to modern occupations and become financially independent.