Anières Elite Academy: At A Glance

    Over a period of 17 years, approximately 600 young people will participate in outstanding educational opportunities through this program. Participants will include both native born Israelis and young people from overseas. Students will graduate high school and continue directly to the Technion for their university engineering studies.

    • Students will attend High School at WIZO Nahalal in Northern Israel near Haifa.
    • Participating overseas students will begin the program in grade 9, with a year of intensive Hebrew language study alongside their regular curriculum at the WIZO Nahalal Youth Village in Northern Israel.
    • Israeli-born students selected to participate will join with the overseas students to begin the program in grade 10 at the WIZO Nahalal Youth Village in Northern Israel, near Haifa.
    • The combined group of students (up to 60 per grade) will study together through completion of high school for a portion of their studies.  Some subjects will be taught to the overseas students in their own class.
    • Throughout high school the students will participate in science and technology enrichment classes – some at WIZO Nahalal and some at the Technion in Haifa.
    • Upon completion of grade 12 - All students that make suitable progress and meet the requirements of the Technion will have the opportunity to continue to the Technion to study for a four year  engineering degree.
    • Native Israeli students in Anières Elite Academy will participate in 7 years of study and overseas students will complete 8 years of studies, with the intention that they will earn a full engineering degree from the world renowned Technion Institute.
    • Those students who are Israeli citizens will be granted permission by the Ministry of Defense to defer their military service until the completion of their studies.  After graduating from the Technion they will serve in the army in their technical profession.

    Program Details

    The Anières Elite Academy, World ORT Science Technology Scholarship Program is an ambitious, multi-layered, long-term academic endeavor. The program serves students from grade 9 through to university graduation and consists of two stages, plus a pre-program stage:

    Pre-Program Stage (Grade 9)

    30 overseas students will be selected after a screening process led by Naale and the Technion, each year, beginning in year 1 and continuing for the duration of the program. 

    The 30 highly capable students will be selected from countries throughout the world and will be offered the opportunity to study in Israel as part of this unique program. Each will have a keen interest in engineering, in areas such as electronics, computers, civil or mechanical engineering and/or other engineering fields.

    The group of overseas students will begin the program in grade 9 and will participate in an ‘ulpan’ class featuring additional group tutoring in Hebrew language and Jewish and Israeli culture, as well as general studies (Math, English, etc). Extra group study sessions during the first year of the program will assist in helping the overseas students to adjust to being a teenager in Israel.

    Stage 1 (Grades 10 to 12)Senior High School

    Stage 1 will establish a program of study for 60 students entering grade 10 with a interest in engineering, in areas such as electronics, computers civil or mechanical engineering or other engineering related field.

    The 60 students will consist of the 30 overseas students (last year’s 9th graders) plus a further 30 highly capable engineering/technology students selected from Middle Schools throughout Israel. Those selected will be offered a full scholarship and dormitory accommodation for grade 10 through to grade 12.

    Students in grade 10 will commence their studies at WIZO Nahalal and will be designated ‘World ORT Scholars’. An option for students to attend a religious school will be available in subsequent program years.  In addition to a full scholarship, special faculty attention will be given to assist the students in their science and technology studies. Additional tutoring sessions will be supplied to the students on a group basis. Educational field trips and weekly programs at the Technion will be added to the curriculum to enrich and enhance their educational experience. The students will be provided with a small allowance for their expenses. This will continue until graduation at the end of grade 12.

    School will begin at the end of August and vacations are scheduled around the Jewish holidays in the fall (Sukkot), winter (Hannukah) , spring (Passover) and summer (July-August).  School vacations are typically the opportune time to visit the children.  Visits at other times may be made by special arrangement.  Throughout the year and during the vacations, the group will have its own dormitory manager and project leader to oversee the students and the program.  Upon completing high school, students will leave the Nahalal dormitory.  FSU students will receive plane tickets to travel home to visit their families during the first summer vacation. 

    Stage 2 - University

    In preparation for matriculation from high school, the students will apply to the Technion to continue their studies. The students will have the option to choose to study the engineering specialty of their choice; civil engineering, mechanical engineering etc.  The academic year for universities in Israel begins in the fall after the Jewish holidays and runs through to the summer. 

    During the first two years of their university studies, students will receive a full tuition scholarship and new citizens will receive a partial allowance for their living arrangements. During years three and four of their university studies, students will receive a 75% tuition scholarship. Students will demonstrate their commitment to the program and the pursuit of their educational goals by paying their own living expenses during their last years at university. Discretionary assistance will be provided for those unable to pay part of these fees.

    The students will continue their studies at the Technion for four years, until they receive their engineering degree. 

    Upon completion of their university degree, those graduates who are Israeli citizens will leave the academic environment to complete their deferred military service in an engineering related function.